About the compilation

The materials in this system were obtained directly from the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) and are therefore authentic in every way. They remain the property of the Council and were compiled with the express consent of the Council.

This compilation is not meant to replace the traditional textbooks for the various subjects, but to complement them. They should therefore not be used in isolation from the subject textbooks and classroom notes obtained from teachers. The expectation is that it would be used for practice and self-test of understanding of concepts and issues after completion of various topics in the syllabuses or curriculum.

The compilation is done on subject by subject basis. For each subject, the essay test is presented separately from the multiple-choice (objective) test. The correct responses for the objective test are then given. The chief examiner's report is also given. Furthermore the strengths and weaknesses of candidates are outlined. Furthermore the strengths and weaknesses of candidates are outlined. The reasons the candidates did not fare well on a particular question or sub-question are explained.

This compilation is unique and it is intended to be of value to both students and subject teachers. In presenting this compilation to the public, it is hoped that it will bridge a long existing gap between WAEC and the testees, and unravel the mystery around WAEC examinations. Consequently, the compilation would reduce anxiety associated with WAEC tests at this level. It is also hoped that the use of this system for practice will reduce the level of examination malpractice stemming from poor preparation for the examination.